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MORE THAN A PET SITTER > Choosing a Professional Trusted Pet Carer for your pet sitting needs

If work or travel will keep you away from your pets, you've likely considered various pet-care options, from asking for help from a family member, friend or neighbour to securing the services of a professional pet carer.

For pet owners who want the very best care for their pets and who want the peace of mind that comes from using a reliable and responsible pet-care provider, our professional Trusted Pet Sitters are more than a pet sitter/ pet lover.

The internet is cluttered with lots of on-line pet sitting directories, but our belief is that a pet lover does not always make a professional pet carer.  Put simply, anyone who wants to earn a quick few pounds within a few minutes can register themselves as a pet sitter, with little or no experience of animal welfare! Check out why we can correctly call our Pet Carers Professional and Trusted. 

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What does a Trusted Pet Carer  do?

At Trusted Pet Carers we are committed to providing pet owners with the information needed to select the best possible home pet-care options for pets. We also want to ensure you have the information you need to choose a "Professional" and "Trusted" Pet Sitter and Dog Walker that is right for you and your pets.

Check out below why we can correctly call our Pet Carers Professional and Trusted.


Professional Trusted Pet Carers - MORE THAN a pet sitter

Dog Boarding, Pet Sitting, caring for pets

MORE THAN>>> a Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Dog Boarding Host

Our Trusted Pet Carers are carefully vetted, DBS checked and trained through the UK's largest Pet Care trade body the Pet Federation Industry (PIF) in canine first aid and animal welfare and where applicable they are local authority  licensed.   We have professional Trusted Pet Carers across Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Oxford so that you can find one nearby.

Dog Boarding, Pet Sitting, caring for pets

Why hiring a pet sitter, dog lover isn't enough these days.

The pet-sitting industry has grown in recent years. This has provided pet owners with many options for choosing a pet carer/sitter, whether you are looking for ;cat care, dog walking/sitting, exotic bird care, fish care or anything else by way of in-home pet-care services.


Be More Prudent in Who Looks After Your Pets. They can't feedback.

With more pet-carer/sitting options and numerous online pet-sitter directories, you will need to be more prudent in your search for a reliable & professional pet carer. It is important that you practice due diligence to ensure that you are using the services of an experienced pet carer as opposed to someone who says they love pets!

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Very Limited or No Vetting,

The internet is cluttered with lots of pet sitting options that link you to a local pet sitter (often for a fee) with very limited or no vetting, and no animal welfare training and no police  or referral checks . Most of these pet sitters have no professional pet care insurance, or a local council dog boarding licence, so you are not covered if your dog escapes and causes an accident or kills livestock.  The majority will not be trained in animal welfare or animal first aid.  Most won't  have back-up  if they have an emergency.  

professional pet sitter, Dog Boarding, Pet Sitting, caring for pets

Not Fully Committed To You

Many are in it, just for some extra pamper-me money and may not have the best interests of your pet in mind. They may not be fully committed to you if something else comes up the week you have booked. Last but not least many actually charge the same and in some cases more than professional Pet Carers, so you may not be  saving any money if that is one of your motivations.

trusted pet carers, Dog Boarding, Pet Sitting, caring for pets

Peace of Mind

Unlike online pet sitting directories where you fill-in an online quick form and voila you're a pet sitter. All of our Trusted Pet Carers have been personally interviewed, DBS checked, with references taken-up, their home inspected where they provide home dog boarding or day care and given professional training in animal welfare and canine first aid with ongoing training, monitoring and Head Office back-up support.

Don't forget that a professional pet carer is your best choice for home pet care.  It's added peace of mind when work or travel keeps you away from home. 

Trusted Pet Carers are MORE THAN a pet sitter:

They have been... 

  • Profiled & Vetted to meet our high pet care qualification standards (including being experienced pet owners)
  • Interviewed
  • Profiled for their pet experience, relevant skills, etc...
  • DBS police checked
  • Home inspected (Home dog boarding only)
  • Completed Canine First Aid training
  • Completed Animal Welfare training
  • Where applicable (Dog Home Boarding) been vetted and licenses by the local authority


  • Continual monitoring and ongoing training
  • Comprehensive Pet Care Insurance
  • Belong to the UK's main Pet Care Trade Association (PIF) and adhere to their animal welfare guidelines
  • Head Office back up support and advice

Our TPC's have been trained in canine first aid and animal welfare, so they are more likely able to pick up any early signs of illness or symptoms with your pets that normal pet sitters may not notice.  Our TPC's would also know  the correct procedure to follow in such instances to make sure your pets receive the correct attention in a timely manner where required.

Trusted Pet Carers  Provide The Best Pet Care for your Best Friends.  

Can your online directory pet sitter say the same?

Dog Boarding, Pet Sitting, caring for pets

Dog Boarding, Pet Sitting, caring for pets