Trusted Pet Carers answer frequently asked questions about dog boarding and dog sitting

FAQ's - "General Home Dog Boarding "

Home dog boarding, dog home boarding

What is Home Dog Boarding?

Home dog boarding is when your dog goes to stay in someone else’s home and lives as part of the family with their own bed, food, toys and enjoys all the comforts of a family home whilst away. 

There are no kennels and no cages involved. The stay must always be personal and one-to-one, providing all the loving care, attention and exercise that a dog requires and in accordance with your instructions.

Just as you are right for your dog, your dog’s carer must be right for them too. Not everyone will be suitable for your dog and neither may their property, so look closely into every aspect  for YOUR dog. Be aware of the consequences of using online directories of non-audited and often uninsured carers and read all the Terms & Conditions of any service. 

Never just go for the nearest or the cheapest option for your dog, (they deserve more). Research well and read on….

At Trusted Pet Carers we know all of our carers personally. With careful consultation and consideration we will help you select a suitable carer for your dog. Your recommended carer will not only be located as close as possible to you but they will also have confirmed their availability when you need them and importantly match all your dog’s needs.

Once suitability has been matched, you will be invited to meet your dog’s carer at the carer’s home. You will then be given the opportunity to book your Trusted Pet Carer and a happy successful stay will follow. If for any reason you or your dog’s carer has any concerns over suitability at the visit, an alternative carer will be offered. Our aim is to provide you with complete peace of mind leaving your dog with an approved choice. Your dog’s carer will be someone you can trust, can rely upon and know that your dog will be happy with when you go away. 

Booking with Trusted Pet Carers home boarding means you have the assurance of being part of a professional, reliable and experienced organisation providing the very best in customer satisfaction before, during and after your dog’s stay.

What areas do Trusted Pet Carers cover?

We cover the counties of Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxford and Surrey.  We operate from either our head office in Basingstoke, or from our area coordinators. New approved carers are joining us all the time. Please contact Head Office via the contact form  to check availability local to you.

Do you offer discounts for; pensioners, NHS, or the armed forces

Yes we do offer pensioner discounts and we want to support our special men and women in our British armed forces in any little way we can, as well as our hard working  NHS staff, so we gladly offer anyone in these roles or a pensioner  a 10% discount off our  standard rates for your  family owned dogs. Offers are subject to receiving  supporting documents/ID and this offer is not applicable to the dogs of extended family members.

Does the time I leave or collect my dog affect the cost?

No. We charge by the calendar date and not by the 24 hour clock. This means that you have your carer available all day on the day that you wish to leave your dog and on the day you wish to collect your dog (particularly early and late times by prior arrangement with the carer). This gives you complete flexibility.

Do you accept more than one dog at a time?

Yes. Most of our carers accept two dogs from the same household. We NEVER split dogs that usually live together. We also accept 3 or more dogs from the same household in select homes. Note: We do NOT accept dogs from other families at the same time.

Are all dogs suitable for home dog boarding?

No. Trusted Pet Carers  home boarding is suitable for the average friendly, well behaved and house trained family dog.

We do not accept any dogs with aggressive tendencies towards humans (whatever the size of dog); non-house-trained dogs or dogs with incontinence problems; dogs that are likely to chew furniture/carpets etc. or dogs that are over boisterous or not under control, particularly the larger breeds.

If your dog causes any damage to the carer’s home whatsoever, any costs must be reimbursed to the carer or Trusted Pet Carers. Excessive barking is considered to be anti-social and not behaviour all home boarders are prepared to accept. Some have neighbours to consider! Any dogs booked with us that have been  misrepresented in their general character will be transferred to kennels at your cost and your total home dog boarding fee will not be refunded.

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Do you accept puppies?

Some Trusted Pet  Carers are prepared to accept puppies, so long as they are house trained (or certainly getting the idea!) – generally from 6 months old – do ask. If puppy crate trained, own crates must be provided. An extra supplement of up to £5/day will be incurred for  looking after your puppy.

Do you accept bitches on heat?

Trusted Pet Carers reserves the right not to accept bitches that are expected to be or are in season during the stay.  If you are concerned about the timing of your bitches season you must make us aware. Some carers with prior knowledge may accept said bitches with provisions in place. See our terms and conditions.

Do you accept all breeds

Trusted Pet Carers treat every dog as an individual and do not discriminate on breed type alone. However, our carers express to us the breeds they are happy to accept, some love larger breeds including guard dog breeds others prefer smaller breeds. We will only offer you a carer that is comfortable with your dog’s breed type.

Please be aware there is sometimes difficulty finding carers who will accept mature (1 year +) non-neutered male guard dog breeds specifically Rottweilers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Bull Dogs but we will try our best! Trusted Pet Carers  do not accept Pit Bull type breeds or those registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

My dog mustn't be let off the lead or he/she runs off. Will that be a problem?

Your dog will be exercised according to your wishes by your Trusted Pet Carer. If you say he/she stays on the lead, then he/she certainly does.

My dog doesn't like to do it's business in the garden, is this a problem?

No, but it’s helpful to know. All our dogs are regularly walked according to their needs. Your carer can make sure your dog leaves the garden more frequently.

Does my dog have to wear a collar?

Yes. This is essential at all times. It is a legal requirement and enables your dog to wear a Trusted Pet Carers  I.D. tag for the duration of its stay.

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What happens if I collect my dog early?

If you return from your holiday early and decide to collect your dog before the due date there is no refund of your booking or Trusted Pet  Carer payment. Please remember your Trusted Pet Carer will have made themselves available for the whole of your dates and they  will likely have turned down other bookings for your dates to care for your dogs, so it would be unfair for them to loose out after having made their commitment to you to look after your dogs, no matter the circumstances.

What happens if my flight, journey is delayed or I'm back later than agreed?

Ring your carer as soon as possible to explain and make changes to collection arrangements. If you arrive a day late full fees will be charged.

Can Trusted Pet Carers Collect or drop of my dog?

Trusted Pet Carers  do not offer a collection or drop off service however it is possible that this could be arranged directly with your dog’s carer should they be willing to do so. There will be an extra charge for this pet taxi service payable directly to your dog’s carer starting at £25 including the first 20 miles and thereafter £0.75 pence per mile travelled.

My dog doesn't get on with other dogs or cats, could that be a problem?

No, not necessarily. Many of our carers are non-dog/cat owners themselves and therefore your dog doesn’t have to meet any other dogs/cats directly. Your dog MUST however be friendly towards people and manageable when it sees other dogs out walking.  Your dog must not be seen to be presenting threatening behaviour towards other dogs or people out walking.  We ask that you are honest and open about ALL of your dog’s behaviour traits and discuss any concerns you have with us. Trusted Pet Carers always appreciates and expects your total honesty and will do everything we can to help.

FAQ's- "Security and Personal Information"

secure, private, personal data

FAQ's - Security and Personal information

Here are some questions that we find are commonly asked. If you have any questions that aren’t covered below we would suggest you contact your local branch.

What checks do your staff have?

We carry out police disclosure checks and work references on all new people. This ensures that new people have a squeaky-clean background when they start working for us. All new people attend a trial before they are engaged by Trusted Pet Carers

Are you insured and do you belong to a UK pet care industry association?

Absolutely! TPC  are insured through Cliverton or Pet Business Insurance. We recommend that you read our service agreement and that your pet is insured by a reputable pet insurance company. Please check with your insurance company that your pets are covered while you are away or being walked by someone else. 

We are a trusted member of the UK's main Pet Trade Association (PIT - Pet Industry Association) and follow their pet welfare guidelines

What happens in an emergency?

We have a comprehensive health and safety policy (reviewed every year by a vet), which has to be followed by all staff, and Trusted Pet Carers. We avoid risks by not walking dogs in a group, or having any other dogs stay that are not from the same family or the pet carers own dog.  If there is an incident, we will always try to take your pet to your own vet. In the event of an emergency your pet will be taken to the nearest vet. We will make every attempt to contact you in all instances. 

What security measures do you take?

To reduce security risks our vehicles aren’t marked or sign-written, so it isn’t obvious that you aren’t at home. We take data protection very seriously, your personal information is kept totally confidential and we adhere to GDPR. We also never put personal or address details on your door keys.

How is my personal information stored?

Any information we hold regarding your pets, your home and your security systems are all kept on a secure database and server. Any paper copies are kept in a locked cabinet and all information is deleted or destroyed appropriately when required. For more detailed information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

FAQ's - "About Your Dog"

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How is my dog matched with a home boarder?

We have a small team of boarders in each area. We will always place your dog based on your dogs profile in a home where they will feel the most settled. This is why we ask that you visit with your dog before their first stay. It's why we ask (with your consent), that you return to the same home-boarder for any recurring visits, so that your dog can build up a relationship with them.

As a precaution we don’t have any boarders with children under six years of age. If your dog isn’t used to children we will try and arrange for your dog to stay in a child free home.  The same goes for cats and if a Trusted Pet Carer has a dog of their own.

Is my dog suitable for home boarding?

Home boarding is suitable for well-trained, house-trained, friendly, adult dogs.  All dogs have to be up to date with vaccinations (including kennel cough). This ensures a relaxed environment for everyone. 

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Only if they’re going to daycare or to stay away for their holidays. They need to be up to date with their vaccinations (including kennel cough). We will need to see your dogs’ vaccination record when you drop them off for boarding.

FAQ's - "About your Booking"

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Booking FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about your dog’s booking;  everything from payment, cancellation, how early you need to book and confirming your dog’s stay. 

Anything not covered please do email us info@trustedpetcarers.com 

When is the pet care service fee paid?

Your pet care service fee must be paid to Trusted Pet Carers to confirm your pets booking. Booking confirmation and payment is expected within 3 days of having met your dog’s carer.

Your dog’s boarding fee is made up of two parts –

  1. The deposit equal to 50% of the total fee (part of the daily rate and not an additional fee).
  2. The final 50% – due when you deliver your dog to your carer and paid directly to the carer by yourself – cash preferred but we suggest you discuss this with your individual carer on your initial meet and greet visit.

How far ahead do I have to book?

As far ahead as possible. We do get very busy especially in the school and public holidays and hate to disappoint. Also, if you have booked before, it is always nice to book with the same carer where possible.  Once our dog owners have used a carer they like, they tend to book up next year's holiday dates with the carer first, then they go and book their holiday! We do try and accommodate last minute bookings, but it is far easier if you can try to book in advance.

Are there any extra charges?

Unlike a number of other providers, Trusted Pet Carers do not insist on collecting and dropping off your dog and charging you for doing so or for charging you for a first visit to come and  register your dogs.   We know that you prefer to see your dog settled-in yourself and give your Trusted Pet Carers any last minute instructions and be reunited with a happy dog at the end of the stay.

 See our fees page for a full break down of additional charges by service type

How do I pay for my dog's booking?

Your dog’s holiday booking details are sent to you via email unless specifically asked to post. You will be given two simple methods of booking fee payment; Stripe credit/debit card secure payment online or Go-cardless which is very similar to a one-off online bank transfer. Go-cardless payment methods are also covered by The Direct Debit Guarantee giving you complete security.  Secure booking payments may also be taken over the phone by calling  Trusted Pet Carer customer services.

You must pay your dog’s Trusted Pet Carer their required expenses when you drop your dog off at the beginning of the stay (cash or by alternative agreement with your dog’s carer). You will be advised exactly what this fee is before booking. Carer payment is always BEFORE your dog’s stay on drop off NOT at the end of the stay.

What if I have to cancel or postpone my holiday? Will I still have to pay?

The booking fee is non-refundable, however depending on the circumstances of holiday cancellation/postponement and notice given, partial refunds or credit may be possible if more than 90 days notice is given.  Our carers may have turned down other dog bookings for your dates, so where we can find a replacement booking for the dates you have cancelled, we will not insists on final payment.  Otherwise you will be liable to settle your booking payment in full.

FAQ's - "About our Trusted Pet Carers"

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FAQ's - About our Trusted Pet Carers

Everything you need to know about our Trusted Pet Carers, anything not covered please do contact us info@trustedpetcarers.com

How Do You Vet Your Trusted Pet Carers?

We know ALL our Trusted Pet Carers  and interview and meet them all in their own homes. 

We set very high standards and only those persons who meet ALL our requirements and have passed our thorough interview and application procedure are welcomed as part of our Home Dog Boarding team.

This includes:

  1. Detailed online profile survey questionnaire
  2. Phone interview asking ALL the right questions
  3. Thorough background DBS checks
  4. Application via our detailed application pack – This includes Carer Ts&Cs and Role & Responsibility specifications for an approved Trusted Pet Carer
  5. Application screening and interview at the carers own home
  6. Home and garden checks are carried out
  7. Carers own dog (if they have one) assessed for sociability
  8. Personal references checked
  9. Full Pet Care insurance provided
  10. Licence application made with local council if applicable

Do I get to meet my dog's Trusted Pet Carer before I book?

Always, we insist on it before any booking is taken.  This is essential for the well-being of all concerned;  your dog, you the owner and your dog’s Trusted Pet Carer. Your Trusted Pet Carer will ring you to arrange a convenient time for you to visit their home with your dog. Only when you have asked all your questions and checked and confirmed that everything is to your satisfaction,  will your booking fee be taken by Trusted Pet Carers.

Will my dog's Trusted Pet Carers allow my dog off lead if I want them to?

Yes most will, but always after a period of approx. 2 days depending on your dog and how familiar the carer is with your dog and the surroundings in which your dog is staying. If allowed off lead, the area your dog is let off the lead will always be a safe area and away from any roads, livestock and obvious hazards (not necessarily enclosed). If you insist that you want your dog let off the lead the carer must be in agreement and you must accept full responsibility and liability for your dog while off the lead if your dog runs away, gets lost, causes an accident, bites someone or gets into a fight with another dog. Many owners are happy to supply a flexi lead as an alternative. Please do discuss with us and your carer

What if I visit my suggested Trusted Pet Carers and I am unsure about their suitability for my dog?

No worries. Let us know and we will make every effort to provide an alternative carer for your dog. Any feedback about our carers is always appreciated and helps us maintain our high standard as well as assisting you to select the right carer in the future.

Can I choose a different Trusted Pet Carer next time I book?

Of course! Not a problem. You can do this although often we find owners prefer their dog to stay with the same carer time after time, as familiarity helps your dog to settle well. If you would like a new carer for your dog just ask and we introduce you to another Trusted Pet Carer.

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What about carers with children?

Trusted Pet Carers  do not accept any carers who have children under 5 years of age. Any children in the carers household must demonstrate a firm understanding of dogs and very likely own their own dog. All our carers understand the need not to over-fuss new dogs staying and always operate extreme caution with children of any age around any dog. We do expect you to be honest and open about your dog around children and express any concerns you may have. Only dogs who are used to children in the home may be considered to stay within a family home.

Do I contact the Trusted Pet Carers Directly to make my next booking?

ALWAYS contact Trusted Pet Carers' customer services team directly for all bookings. ALL stay requests must be made through Trusted Pet Carers' customer services team or on-line via our booking app/website. The company, (Trusted Pet Carers) cannot be held responsible for any booking request we did not know about. If speaking to your carer we STRONGLY suggest that you book these dates right away with your carer and then inform Trusted Pet Carers. All bookings are confirmed on a first come, first served basis. Repeat bookings can be made via our customer services team.  We will reply to you with a confirmation acceptance notice or declined booking notice within 3 days. If a carer is unable to accept your dog’s dates of stay you will be contacted by Trusted Pet Carers who will endeavour to offer you an alternative, closely matched and available carer to meet with. Alternatively you may  request alternative dates.  Any bookings made direct with your career which are not through Trusted Pet Carers will be void of our comprehensive professional pet care insurance and you / your dog will not be cover by insurance should anything go wrong (whether it be that the dog escapes, causes damage to livestock, is involved in an accident etc).

My dog usually sleeps on my bed. Will the carer allow him to do this?

Carers are not expected to allow dogs to sleep on their beds; however some are more obliging than others and will perhaps allow them to sleep close or in the bedroom. Please ask. In general all dogs are expected to be used to being put to bed at night.

What happens if my dog damages the carers home?

You will be liable – see our Terms and Conditions. Any damages caused by your dog to your independent carer’s home or possessions other than reasonable wear and tear will be paid for by you directly to your dog’s carer on your return. Trusted Pet Carers reserves the right to place damages incurred on your credit/debit card.

FAQ's - "What makes us different"

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How do Trused Pet Carers differ from other pet sitters?

Trusted Pet Carers  do not approve carers just over the internet after filling in a form or over a quick chat on the phone. All of our carers are met in their own homes and the property and gardens fully inspected and approved by one of our experienced team members.

  • All of our carers' dogs, if they have one, are met by us and are character assessed by one of our experienced team.
  • Trusted Pet Carers are certified canine first aiders
  • We visit the carer’s area and do not just Google Map it! We see for ourselves the local rural walks or parks available right from the carer’s property.
  • All our carers have full personal references followed up by us.
  • Trusted Pet Carers holds a professional reputation, the care of your dog is of the utmost importance to us.
  • Trusted Pet Carers only welcomes carers who reach and maintain our very high standards.
  • Your dog’s personal carer is supported by our experienced Trusted Pet Carer head office team.
  • Trusted Pet  Carers take  pride  in what they do and treat every dog as if its one of their own
  • All our approved carers are dedicated to giving the best service possible to owners and their dogs.
  • Your dog’s carer does not accept other unknown dogs while your dog is with them. Your dog’s carer is personally chosen to suit your dog’s needs and will devote their time to your dog only.
  • Our carers are responsible to Trusted Pet Carers code of practice, terms and conditions and are fully insured through Trusted Pet Carers

Trusted Pet Carers fully appreciate the position of trust and responsibility they hold.  Our Trusted Pet Carers do not only genuinely love dogs, they know dogs too. In fact, our dog carers are very often people just like you, they all love to look after your pet in the best way possible.

FAQ's - Insurance & Welfare section

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Does my dog have to be microchipped for home dog boarding?

Yes, it’s the law that your dog is Microchipped. Within our Terms & Conditions Trusted Pet Carers will not accept any dog that is not Microchipped.

Does my dog need to be medically insured to stay?

No, we do not insist that your dog is medically insured. Veterinary insurance is completely your decision. Some owners like to have their pets insured & leave policy details with us, others prefer to pay for Veterinary expenses if & when they are required. If your dog has an accident involving medical treatment this will be covered by our insurance however any other normal vet fees for illness or minor treatment will be paid for by you. If you don’t have your own pet insurance and are considering this as an option why not check out one of our partners pet insurances and their great value policies.

What kind of insurance does Trusted Pet Carers have?

All our carers are covered for Public Liability, Care Custody and Control (legal liability to animals in our care) and non-negligent cover (accidental injury to animals in our care). Please contact our head office customer service team for details on cover variation.

I am worried my dog will not settle? What can I do

If your dog suffers from very severe separation anxiety or you feel it will become very anxious away from you, please discuss with us before hand. It may be that an over night trial stay is recommended well before your holiday to provide both you, your dog and your dog’s carer peace of mind.  Any trial stay must be arranged via Trusted Pet Carers' customer services team and will be subject to the standard minimum 2 day stay rate.

My dog is on medication. Is it alright for the Trusted Pet Carer to administer this?

Yes certainly – please give full details and keep us updated on your dog’s condition. Your dog’s carer will be required to complete a medication record – please enquire.

What happens if my dog is ill while I am away?

Your dog’s carer will always try to contact you or your emergency contact number that you have given, to discuss the situation. However if this is not possible or time does not permit due to the condition of your dog, they will take your dog directly to your own Vet in preference or otherwise to the carers own local vet at your expense. Our carers have an emergency number to contact the office 24/7 where they can discuss any worries or concerns over your dog’s condition. If we think Veterinary treatment is necessary, your carer will take your dog along to the Vet themselves. Costs incurred by Trusted Pet Carers  or by your dogs carer will be reclaimed from you on your return. According to your instructions as to whether / how you’d like to be contacted, we will contact you on your emergency number and keep you updated on your pet’s progress.

FAQ's - Trusted Pet Carers Protection Coverage Details

pet sitting and dog sitting insurance cover

What should Trusted Pet Carers and pet owners do if a guest pet is injured?

  1. We recommend that all Trusted Pet Carers  ask their guests' owners to fill out information forms (incl vet details, etc) and an emergency contact before starting a booking, so that everyone is prepared and in case the owner is not contactable for any reason.
  2. In the unlikely event that the guest pet is injured, the Trusted Pet Carer should always try to contact the pet owner, or their emergency contact, before any treatment is sourced.
  3. Carers should always try to agree next steps directly with pet owners or their emergency contact where supplied and where possible. In most instances, hosts and pet owners are able to resolve issues quickly.

What should I do before submitting a Protection claim?

  1. In the unlikely event that the guest pet is injured, the pet sitter/carer will always try to contact the pet owner, or their emergency contact, before any treatment is sourced.
  2. In the event of the your Carer  or Trusted Pet Carers  being unable to contact the pet owner (for example because they are travelling overseas), the pet owner accepts that if their pet requires veterinary treatment, the pet owner will refund the funds to the Carer for any necessary treatment.
  3. If applicable, the pet owner will first use their own pet insurance to refund the cost of the treatment to the pet sitter. In the event that the pet owner’s insurance company refuse to pay or if the pet owner doesn’t have a pet insurance policy, the pet owner will refund any veterinary bills to the carer and will be entitled to file a Protection claim with Trusted Pet Carers.

How do I submit a Trusted Pet Carers Protection claim?

Send us an email and provide the following information:

  1. booking reference number
  2. date and place of the incident
  3. name of the pet
  4. name and contact details of your Trusted Pet Carer 
  5. detailed description of the circumstances of the accident
  6. photos of pet injuries and veterinary bills
  7. contact details of the preferred vet of the pet owner
  8. Pet Owner’s Pet Insurance policy number and carrier (if applicable)

Trusted Pet Carers  must be notified within 7 days of the end of the booking period regarding any incident that might result in insurance coverage.

How long will it take for my claim to be processed?

The length of process will vary depending on the severity of the case, the quality of documentation, and the cooperation of the host and guest, but we strive to resolve most cases within one month of their submission.

Trusted Pet Carers Protection Coverage Details

What is eligible for coverage?

  • Home dog boarding
  • Day care
  • Pet sitting
  • Cat care
  • Dog walking
  • Any pet services booked through Trusted Pet Carers call centre, website, mobile app or via the Customer Care team

Coverage Includes

  • Public Liability Insurance (aka Commercial General Liability) – covers Trusted Pet Carers against third party claims: This section will pay the sums that pet sitters become legally obliged to pay as damages because of bodily injury to a third party person or damage to property of a third party. Claims are subjected to a £250 excess payable by the Trusted Pet Carer at the time of the claim.
  • Errors and Omissions (aka Professional Liability) – covers accidental injury to the guest pet: This section refers to accidental injury to a guest pet in the Trusted Pet Carers' care. This type of insurance brings comfort to pet owners and sitters as, more often than not, any non-negligent harm arises where an animal in the sitter’s care has been accidentally harmed in the course of service delivery, through no specific fault of the Trusted Pet Carer. Claims are subjected to a £250 excess payable by the  Pet Carers at the time of the claim.
  • Care, Custody, Control – veterinary coverage for animals in pet sitters’ care: This section provides veterinary coverage for guest pets in the pet sitter’s care, custody or control. There is a £250 deductible sum for medical claims, to be covered by the pet owners. £2,500 capped limit for veterinary expenses in relation to an injury to your pet during the service. Once the full amount of money has been spent, the treatment of illness or injury won’t ever be covered again. Additional costs for check-ups or follow-up treatments are covered for up to 30 days after the incident.

pet sitting and dog sitting insurance cover

Coverage Exceptions. What doesn’t the Protection Program cover?

  • Services booked outside of the Trusted Pet Carer call centre ,website or mobile app
  • Damages made or medical care required during ‘Meet and Greet’ appointments or any incidents arising from a ‘Meet and Greet’ appointment. Coverage only commences during the dates of the bookings that have been confirmed via the Trusted Pet Carer call centre app or website.
  • Injuries to the pet sitter and related parties (like family) caused by the guest pet
  • Damage to the pet sitter's personal property (such as damage to the pet sitter’s home or vehicles) 
  • Damage to the pet owner's personal property (such as damage to the pet owner’s home or vehicles) 
  • Breach of professional duty (for example walking an animal off-leash in an area where this is reasonably considered not to be suitable). Remember to keep yourself and your furry friend safe!
  • Treatment of pre-existing veterinary conditions, old age or illness of the guest pet (such as respiratory infections, urinary tract/bladder infections, blood disorders, vomiting, diarrhoea, and other gastrointestinal disorders), symptoms related to stress or anxiety, as well as flea or tick infestations and self-inflicted wounds as a consequence of itching or scratching due to allergies. 
  • We stress the importance of getting as much info about each potential guest as possible, before they stay!
  • Physiotherapy and other paraveterinary treatments, such as massage, accupuncture, etc.
  • Pet owner loss of wages due to required follow up medical treatment for their pet
  • Reduction in ‘show’ value of the guest pet
  • Cancellation fees or costs incurred from cancellation of a holiday or travel arrangements as a result of a booking with Trusted Pet Carers
  • Travel costs incurred as a result of a booking with Trusted Pet Carers Loss of salary or wages as a result of a booking arrangement made  with Trusted Pet Carers
  • Emotional distress caused as a result of a booking with Trusted Pet Carers 

Who is excluded?

  • Guest pets involved in a previous attack with another animal or human that required medical treatment - this is why it’s important to get as much info shared about your pet  before booking!
  • Guest pets who are defined as Dangerous Dogs by the relevant authorities and all claims arising from the care of such Dangerous Dogs
  • The Trusted Pet Carers own pet is not covered for any damage or injuries that may be sustained during a Trusted Pet Carers  booking
  • Commercially run Boarding Kennels
  • Trusted Pet Carers who are not verified by Trusted Pet Carers staff and/or have any criminal convictions in the past 5 years (excluding traffic violations).
  • Trusted Pet Carers  does not charge any amount for this insurance. Coverage is provided under a policy underwritten by a third party and is subject to fulfilment of applicable terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions.