Approved Pet Carer Code of Conduct


Trusted Conduct

Why do I have to agree to a Code of Conduct?


The Pet Carers Code of Conduct

The Pet Carers Code of Conduct is here to benefit and enhance the entire pet caring experience, and to ensure the facilitation of 100% smooth and successful pet care bookings for our pet owners and our approved pet carers.

Everything we mention here is mindful of the carer’s; security, safety, peace of mind and welfare.

As Trusted Pet Carer’s pet owner and approved pet carer community grows, we have a responsibility to ensure that all pet carers are familiar with all of their responsibilities. This benefits everyone.

We believe each Code of Conduct point here to be; reasonable, fair and in tune with the expectations of pet owners.  This code provides an extra level of assurance and security so that all parties (pet owners, pet carers and Trusted Pet Carers Ltd) can fully respect each other’s responsibilities.


Approved Carer Code of Conduct

Please read this Code of Conduct carefully. It will help to ensure that all approved carers for Trusted Pet Carers enjoy seamless and happy pet care bookings

As an approved carer of Trusted Pet Carers, you are entering into a caring pet community of mutual respect and trust. To ensure our pet care community can remain the safe and respectful place that we are so proud of, we ask that you familiarise yourself with our mission and ethos set out in this pledge and live these values as an approved pet carer for Trusted Pet Carers (TPC).

Code of Conduct

1. I confirm I am over 18 years of age

2. I agree to abide by and operate all TPC pet care bookings according to the TPC Dog Boarding and Day Care Operations Manual and local council’s Animal Licensing regulations

3. I agree that the welfare of TPC's clients’ pets shall be paramount and shall not be made subordinate to commercial consideration.

4. I will give a comprehensive and accurate sitter profile, including photos if requested and clear information about me and my experiences, and which TPC services I am looking to offer and keep my availability to do so updated on TPC’s online booking and scheduling app.

5. I will not unfairly or unprofessionally conduct my care in any way that would discredit the reputation of TPC.

6. I will practice with integrity, responsibility and trustworthiness and shall recognise my responsibility to TPC clients, pets, TPC clients’ property, and society in general.

7. I will maintain professional relationships with TPC clients and TPC staff members and shall not exploit such relationships for improper personal, professional or financial gain, nor seek to inappropriately 

impose my own values on TPC clients or TPC staff members. I will not disclose any personal or private information about TPC clients. 

8. I will communicate clearly and respectfully with the entire TPC pet community, including TPC clients and staff, regardless of their race, religion, nationality, origin ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age. 

9. Should a pet fall ill under my care, I will seek veterinary support as quickly as possible and will inform the pet owner and TPC as quickly as possible.

10. I shall provide timely communications with TPC and the customer and were relevant send photos of their pets’ activities, and keep customers updated about their pets during and or after bookings have taken place, along with any relevant information and activities that have been carried out for their pet.

11. I will ensure I am available for all required dates before agreeing to a provisional booking/meet and greet visit. Once the booking has been confirmed, I will not cancel unless there are extraordinary circumstances. When on a booking for dog walking/pop-in home pet/cat/puppy care visit /home pet sitting/service, I will always endeavour to never arrive later or leave earlier than the agreed times and or dates.

12. I will agree to all responsibilities with the home or pet owner before a booking is confirmed and will follow the home and or pet owner’s instructions for feeding, exercise and medication where relevant.

13. I agree I must in the interests of TPC's clients and their dogs not board additional dogs from any other agency or independently whilst a TPC client’s dog (s) is staying 

14. When visiting a pet owner’s home, I will make every effort to leave the pet owner’s home as I found it and ensure every care is taken with the owner’s pet(s), property, home and garden.

15. When visiting a pet owner’s home, if there are any maintenance issues with the home or garden, I will contact the owner as quickly as possible for advice and inform TPC

16. I understand that the home or pet owner may have to return before the end date of a home sit or cancel a pet care booking if there are extraordinary circumstances.

17. I agree I must not seek to attract or take TPC's client’s bookings directly without going through TPC and that I fully understand that  any pet care bookings not supplied directly by TPC will no longer be covered under TPC's comprehensive pet carers insurance policy and that I and or the pet owner may become liable for any accident or incident,  vet/medical bills and lawsuits involving any pets under my care from direct pet care bookings that I have taken.

18. I agree that I think it’s fair that if TPC invest money and time building the business and spend money on business elements like: sales, marketing, customer and carer support, training, IT systems, administration, accounts, operations, management, legal and compliance, pet care and public liability insurance and building a great website to help me make money, that TPC & I should both share together in the ongoing revenue generated from returning pet owner’s bookings (at the agreed rates), where pet owners request my care specifically (subject to being available and accepting and completing the booking), for the benefit and general welfare of TPC and I.

19. I agree the pet owner should always be told to book through the TPC web site, or to call TPC to book over the phone on 01183 345 097 

As a Supplier, you contractually agree that the first and all future bookings made by a client who is introduced by TPC, will be booked via the site or over the phone to TPC Head office on 01183 345 097.  Failure to abide by this policy will lead to suspension as an approved TPC carer / supplier. 

TPC Carer Declaration:

If I take a direct booking from any client that was introduced to me by TPC, I will pay an introduction fee of £728 per client payable to TPC within 14 days of being invoiced by TPC. This is irrespective of my status as an active or inactive, approved carer of TPC. - See more at: TPC General Terms and Conditions

I agree not to speak on behalf of TPC unless instructed to do so in writing. I must not participate on their behalf in the endorsement or commercialisation of any product, service or in the event of interview or provision of information to any member of the press or other media.

I will not make misleading claims or statements in advertising or otherwise.

I agree to abide by TPC’s General Terms and Conditions and Policies & Procedures for; Dog Boarding, Dog Day Care, Home Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting and Trusted Pet Carers’ Privacy Policy.

I also agree to accept and abide by this code of conduct, and abide by and observe any other rules, regulations and pronouncements of TPC as documented in their Service Agreement Statements.

Acceptance of our Code on Conduct

Becoming an approved carer for Trusted Pet Carers constitutes acceptance of this Code on Conduct. The Code on Conduct may change at any point and TPC will ensure that the latest version is available on the website. TPC does everything it can to provide a professional, caring pet service.   

If you have any feedback that would help us improve the service, please let us know.