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Benson & Lexi

Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, labradors, Goring on Thames, Berkshire


Ian, Goring on Thames, Berkshire

"Trusted Pet Carers provide an outstanding caring family dog boarding home for my dogs. Set in the countryside, with extensive walks immediately next to the house, this is doggy paradise. The entire family are obviously dog lovers and my two labs were somewhat reluctant to leave when I picked them up. Couldn’t recommend them and Trusted Pet Carers dog boarding and pet sitting services highly enough."


Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, border terrier, Newbury, West Berkshire


Sarah, Newbury, West Berkshire

"My husband and I highly recommend Trusted Pet Carers dog boarding and pet sitter services to all dog owners needing to know their pampered pooch is in safe and capable hands while owner's are away.  Our dear old Border Terrier Wiggins has stayed  now on several dog boarding occasions at our carers country side home and has become a home from home for Wiggins."


Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, retriever, West Berkshire


Sandy, West Berkshire

"Monty took to our Trusted Pet Carers  family as soon as he met them on our initial meet and greet dog boarding visit before we booked up.  He greeted them like long lost friends when he arrived for his 'holiday'. We were able to go away with total peace of mind and confident that Monty would be safe and well cared for. Two weeks later we returned to collect a very happy dog who had bonded with his dog boarding carers and would have been happy to stay with them for another two weeks! Several weeks later he still pricks up his ears and wags his tail if we mention their names and I'm sure he is looking forward to his next 'dog boarding holiday'."


Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, labrador, Newbury, Berkshire


Steve &Tania, Newbury, Berkshire

"Our Trusted Pet Carer and his family love dogs.  They have looked after our black labrador, Alfie,  many times and he loves being with them.  When we go away we have the peace of mind that Alfie is well cared for and happy, and are sent regular photos as proof of this. There is space for the dog to run around and actually looks like he is enjoying a holiday too! They have a lovely dog boarding and dog day care home in the Hampshire countryside with lots of lovely country walks on the doorstep. He is also spoiled with lots of cuddles back at their home! It has been such a relief for us to find pet sitters near me where we can leave Alfie and not feel at all guilty."

Wilbur & Henry

Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, golden retrievers, Baughurst


Kate & Steff, Baughurst

"Trusted Pet Carers  have been the best dog boarding find ever!  We had always struggled to find suitable dog sitters for our two golden retrievers due to their large size and behavioural needs. ( Henry is fearful of other dogs) but Trusted Pet Carers found us a great dog boarding family.  They are  exactly what we have been looking for all these years.  Not only does the family provide a safe, settled dog boarding environment but I know that Henry and Wilbur look forward to every visit!  We  have gone on a long-haul holidays and happy left the boys with our dog boarding family knowing that they are in excellent care.  You can clearly see that they have a genuine love for our boys - as if they were their own.  We always  enjoy getting updates while we are away, with photo's of the boys running through fields with the kids and then later sleeping soundly by the fireplace. It really is a holiday for the dogs and we're  always happy to be booking their next visit." 

Bramble & Tesle

Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, theale, Thatcham, Pangbourne, Berkshire


Alison, Pangbourne, Berkshire

"We are always very  happy to leave our terrier and spaniel with our Trusted Pet Carer dog boarding family. Both dogs get lots of love and attention and we gets lots of photos which is great. The dogs are always well cared for and always seem relaxed and contented on our return.  If they are happy, we are happy and it means we can enjoy our holiday!"


So many kind words, so little space, sometimes less is more


Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, dog walking, Aldermaston


Jo, Aldermaston

“We love Trusted Pet Carers, Jake gets sooo excited when Jill his walker comes, especially if Tilly the Lab joins the walk!

Service is reliable, friendly and professional.  The text messages and photo's of their walks gives me a peace of mind  that they are being well looked after. Would recommend them to anyone looking for regular exercise and care for their dog”

Bell & Aly

doggy day care, dog sitting, dog walking, Newtown


Zara & Ben, Newtown,

“We are beyond pleased with the great services at Trusted Pet Carers! Bell and Aly absolutely loved their walks while we are at work and we loved receiving text with updates and photo's and catching up with our pups.  A very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable team!”


doggy day care, dog sitting, dog walking, labrador, Tadley


Robbie and Philip, Tadley

"Trusted Pet Carers has given us such peace of mind. Tilly is our first dog, so we worried giving her to someone else to look after and walk at first, but we both do shift work so need cover a few days week. I now know she is being treated with care and respect when  Fiona  or Tim from Trusted Pet Carers comes to take her for a walk and  or look after her for the day. I’ve been home to witness how excited and comfortable Tilly is when Trusted Pet Carers arrive. They are completely reliable, quick to reply to any questions We LOVE the text messages with photo's of their walks every time they take them out. We LOVE Trusted Pet Carers”


doggy day care, dog sitting, dog walking, rhodesian ridgeback, Burghclere


Vera & Andy, Burghclere 

You can tell right from the start that all the staff at Trusted Pet Carers love animals. Garry our dog walker is very good at  handling dogs which, shows when he takes Rocky our very large Rhodesian Ridgeback out on walks.  I would recommend them to anyone. They are also nice people to deal with!!!”

Max, Bailey, Duke

doggy day care, dog sitting, dog walking, Basingstoke, Hampshire


Margret, Basingstoke, Hampshire

Best pet service around. Flexible to my needs, lovely staff and my dogs absolutely love seeing them for walks and for day care. It puts my mind at rest when the dogs are walked and looked after by Trusted Pet Carers. Highly recommend them!

Molly & Charlie

doggy day care, dog sitting, dog walking, Basingstoke, H


Beth, Basingstoke, Hampshire

"The personal attention from the owner is excellent! We used to take the dogs to the kennel when we would go on holidays . We would come back to complete chaos! The dogs were never the same for the first 2-3 days home. They wouldn’t eat and they would have diarrhoea. Since using Trusted Pet Carers pet sitting and dog walking services, we have not had an issue! We are happy to know our dogs are well taken care of” 



Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, golden retriever, Hampshire


Caroline & Dave, Hampshire

"We have been using Trusted Pet Carers for many years now, and we wouldn’t want to send our beloved Golden retriever Ellie anywhere else!   She loves her time there , and we are able to relax on our holiday knowing she is in the best hands.  

We truly wouldn’t want to send Ellie anywhere else now, so I can heartily recommend Trusted Pet Carers."


Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, retriever, Winchester


Sandra and Colin, Winchester

"Bonnie always enjoys her stay with our trusted pet-carer and comes home happy and enervated.  We always love to receive the pictures which are sent to us during her stay."  

Pebble & Willow

Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, doggy day care, pug & labrador


Sophie, Headley, Hampshire

"Pebble and Willow run into our carers garden each time they’re looked after and both always seem very happy to be there. I chose Trusted Pet Carers as I’m not keen on outdoor kennelling and so am greatly reassured by the happy photos I have of the dogs sitting by the fire and playing in the garden with the children. Trusted Pet Carers is always my first call for any day or weekly pet sitting."

Holly and Jack

Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, Basingstoke, Thatcham, Berkshire


Chris & Janice, Thatcham, Berkshire

"We have used Trusted Pet Carers numerous times for our two Westie's, Holly and Jack. First time in 2015 for Holly, she was so well looked after and we had lots of photos and updates. We have used them since then for lots of breaks with Jack joining last year he also settled down with them and was very happy and secure.

Our Carers  do a wonderful job and really care for the dogs in a lovely family home who treat them as one of their own, could not come more highly recommended."


Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, doggy day care, Abingdon, Oxfordshire


Kim, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

We are so happy to have found Trusted Pet Carers and their wonderful carer Wendy.

We were having real problems finding a pet sitter who would look after Hans our Mountain Pyrenees, due to his size, but my boss who has a large Golden Retriever suggested Trusted Pet Carers.  Within a week of calling them, Trusted Pet Carers set up a visit to a lovely lady called Wendy and we could not be happier.

Finding somewhere where people clearly love your dog as much as you do is invaluable and takes a huge weight off when we are on holiday and gives us such peace of mind.  Hans clearly loves his time at Wendy's looking at the regular photo's and text messages we get while he stayed there.

Thank you for such a great service and we will be booking him back up for our next holiday.

Skye & Monthy

Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, Reading, Theale, Highclere, Hampshire


Liesle, Highclere, Hampshire

Thank you so much for Murphy and Skye’s wonderful stay with you while we were away on holiday.   I loved the regular pictures you sent of their lengthy walks, the fun they having with your family and the pictures where they were tucked up in bed next to the fireplace at night. I don’t think that there was even a moment that they missed us as you gave them a home away from home, actually a bit of holiday for them with new experiences and fun with the other dogs staying.

As you know Murphy and Skye are already booked in for their next visit with you and there will be many more I’m sure!

Many thanks and well done Trusted Pet Carers!!

The Best Care for your Best Friend


Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, dalmatian, Alton, Hampshire


Jerry, Alton Hampshire

I was very impressed by the kind and professional service offered by Trusted Pet Carers. I  wanted a caring home-from-home for our very insecure Dalmatian, whilst I and my wife had to travel  to the USA on business for a week. We got exactly that with Fiona and her family. From the photo's and video we received while in the USA, Pepsi looked to have  had a great time and seemed very happy.  Jo in the office at  Trusted Pet Carers and our carer Fiona went to great length to give me peace of mind by offering a trial weekend before hand. My thanks to Fiona our carer for all her help and kindness. l would highly recommend them."


Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, collie, Reading


Paddy the Collie, Reading

Dear Trusted Pet Carers. 

"A big thank you. I hated going to the kennels so I am so glad my human (I named him Simon) managed to find you. I used to get locked in a steel cage with lots of other noisy dogs around. They did their best to look after me but it's not the same as home.  Now when I don't get to go on holiday with my humans I get to go and stay with a lovely family you found me who look after me like one of their own. I get spoilt rotten so don't let on otherwise every other dog and his man will want to go there."

Many thanks

Benson & Barker

Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, labradors, Hungerford, Berkshire


James, Hungerford, Berkshire

"Jo and the team in the office are always helpful and do everything they can to sort things out for me, especially when I ring up in a mad panic, because I  often need to travel  for work at short notice.  I leave my boys with total confidence that they will be looked after by Karen or Maud (my two lovely carers ) as well as I would look after them myself. 

They always get excited in the car when I arrive at their  homes. I always receive text messages during every visit to say what  they have been doing along with photos. Thank you for making my dogs feel part of your families. I can’t fault their service and would highly recommend them to anyone."


Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, labrador, Banbury

Pet Sitting - Home Dog Boarding 

Shammi & Manori, Banbury

Our chocolate Labrador Buster travels with us everywhere in uk but whenever we travel abroad we always rely on Trusted Pet Carers and our carers to provide a home away from home for our beloved Buster. He is our baby and is used to sleeping on the bed with us, always lounges on the sofas and we know that he feels very much at home at Trusted Pet Carers, where he gets to enjoy all these comforts so much so that he is always so eager to run into their home whenever we drop and even forgets to say goodbye to us! We know that he’s happy and loved at our carers family and we always get daily updates on WhatsApp including photos and videos so that we can enjoy our holiday knowing that our baby is happy and loved while we are away. He’s so comfortable with them that he even sits on Naomi’s lap. Buster has stayed with them about 4-5 times now we wouldn’t choose anyone else to look after him other than Trusted Pet Carers. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a safe and loving home environment for their pet while they are away. 

B + M + T + D

Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, cocker spaniels, Surrey

Pet Sitting - Home Dog Boarding

Steve, Surrey

B= Bailey, M= Maisie, 

T=-Tango, D= Dottie

I have used many dog carers over the years, but since I found Trusted Pet Carers I have never needed to go elsewhere.  My 4 Cocker Spaniels always hide when the suitcases come out and make us feel guilty that we are leaving them behind, but once in the car they settle down until we turn into the country lane of our Carer.  The excitement mounts, howls become barks and when I let them out they run to the carers kids who makes a big fuss of them. We always  enjoy getting updates while we are away, with photo's of them being walked through fields and playing in the stream.  I really feel they treat my dogs like they were their own.


Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, cocker spaniel, Wokingham

Pet Sitting - Home Dog Boarding

Jo & Ian, Wokingham

"We have been sending our excitable cocker spaniel, Lottie, to Trusted Pet Carers for several years now and she always has a wonderful time. We feel so happy knowing she is in a comfortable, welcoming family environment with lots of space to run around and people to cuddle her. We recommended the company to family members and now our dogs get to holiday together too!"


Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, Newbury

Pet Sitting - Home Dog Boarding

Rosemary, Newbury

Masie has made herself comfy in the spare room this morning.  She is so tired out I haven't the heart to evict her!! Thank you for taking good care of her and giving her a fun holiday too, she seemed very much at home.  It was lovely to have the updates and photos'  Thank you.


Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, Berkshire

Pet Sitting - Home Dog Boarding

Lynda, Berkshire

The dog boarding and petsitting service by Trusted Pet Carers have cared for Ben for some time now.  Trusted Pet Carers have a wide range of ways of caring for Ben. I go away leaving my best friend with a loving caring family who welcome Ben into their home.  It is like home from home for him and such a relief for us, I can go on holiday without worrying about Ben and enjoy my time away.  Their VIP Wall of Fame photo gallery and holiday news update micro website for Ben is a perfect way for me to see and hear how much of a good time he is having,  and so easy to share with the family as well, it's a brilliant idea and very reassuring.

Pan & Lyra

Home Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, home boarding, jack russells, Goring-on-Thames

Pet Sitting - Home Dog Boarding

Peter, & Debs, Goring-on Thames

Our Trusted Pet Carers took excellent care of our young Jack Russell's while we were on holiday for two weeks. This was the first time we had left our dogs and we were quite anxious about doing so. We needn't have worried as the care they took of our puppies was exemplary.

They sent us an email update with photo's every three days which really put us at ease meaning we could relax and enjoy our holiday. They agreed to the routine we had previously set up with our dogs and were mindful of not upsetting this dynamic. The dogs were exercised daily both in the large outside garden on on long walks in the surrounding countryside; and during the evening's were allowed to become family members receiving cuddles and attention from their teenage  children.

On our return our dogs settled back into their normal routine with a minimum of fuss. We would not hesitate to recommend that you use Trusted Pet Carers dog hospitality services.

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