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Pet Wedding - Lead Me Down the Aisle Wedding Day Dog Chaperone

How does it work?

Every day more and more  couples who are getting married want to include their pets in their big day, especially their canine friends. Wedding couples face the dilemma of how to have a stress free pet safe wedding, and who can they ask, who's good enough to look after their dog, but not good enough to be asked to their wedding!!  Then there's what to do with their pets if they are staying at a hotel on their wedding eve, or when they go on honeymoon, not to mention all the transport logistics and planning of getting their fur balls to the venues and back home again  – that’s why they book us to take care of it all and we are building a professional team of approved Wedding Day Dog Chaperones covering many areas, so we wondered if you’d like to join our team too and get paid for doing something you love?

Wedding Day Dog Chaperone is a great alternative for Wedding couples who want a stress free pet safe wedding and make sure they have the best care for their dog,  who  cannot ask family or friends to look after their dog on their big day or put them into dog day care or overnight kennels. It also provides them with the reassurances that not only are their beloved pets being cared for, but they will be able to enjoy their big day and honeymoon with total have peace of mind. Check out our Pet Sitting Services section or our Lead Me Down the Aisle website for more  information on all our pet care services

Pet Wedding Day Dog Chaperone jobs available – various hours

  • Various positions available 
  • Weddings are mostely during the weekends 
  • Half days or Full days plus pre wedding planning
  • Part-time jobs only - ad-hoc throughout the year
  • Attending Weddings  chaperoing 1-3 dogs at a time
  • Pay from £75 to £450 per booking (depending on wedding day chaperone package purchased)

We welcome job applications from everyone, but most pet wedding day dog chaperone jobs are carried out during the day at weekends and may be suitable for:

  • Parents with grown up children
  • Semi-retired or retired people
  • People who work another part-time job
  • Someone who is good with dogs, people and enjoys weddings

Main duties

  • Help plan and orgnaise the wedding couples Very Important Pet (VIP) wedding day itinerary/experience and to help organise this aspect of the day with a pre-wedding dog day consultation at their home to meet and greet them and their dog/s and to advise on ideas and different ways they can include their best four legged friend on their big day.
  • Attend pre-wedding ceremony service rehearsals (if agreed) to run through the dogs agreed role in the couples wedding day ceremony/celebrations, in a number of possible roles such as best dog,  flower girl, dog of honour, ring bearer etc.. which,  you will have already helped plan with the wedding couple, 
  • Pick up and drop off dogs from their homes on the wedding day whilst ensuring the security of the dogs at all times.
  • Transport dogs safely to and from their home and to their wedding venues and back home or on to their carers in your own vehicle
  • Understand special requests and specific conditions for each dog, including dressing them in their wedding  day doggy attire if selected
  • Walk dogs before, during and after the wedding day itinerary outdoors in all weather conditions (anywhere from the morning to later afternoon 30 to 45 minutes at a time)
  • Prepare the dog/s  and chaperone their dog/s during their wedding day ceremony and or wedding celebrations  and help to keep the dog/s calm through out the day and help couples get official photo shoots with their dog/s. Give each dog love and attention. Be on hand to hand over the dog/s to the wedding couple as requested and to socialise the dog around wedding guests for pet selfies.
  • Ensure each dog is getting plenty of exercise and a toilet break
  • Ensure the safety of the dogs you are chaperoning and anyone else around them
  • Remove pet waste
  • Take photos of the dogs on your mobile (so Wedding couple can see how they are doing) and update the wedding couple  regularly throughout the whole planning process and the wedding day as required/
  • Give fresh water, wipe paws and towel wet dogs down
  • Communicate with clients, including arranging pre wedding consultations visits with new customers (following initial customer visit by the Manager) or attend customer visits with their Manager
  • Ensure VIP wedding day schedules are kept up to date 

The essentials – we are looking for people who are willing to…

  • Help couples plan and organise their VIP itinerary.
  • Submit for a police and reference check
  • Look after dogs as if they are a member of the family
  • Complete our online pet first aid course
  • Carry out some shadow wedding day dog chaperones before taking the job
  • Undergo training as required
  • Have a reliable car (insurance, tax and MOT)
  • Happy to drive dogs to venues and to collect and returning dogs to their carers afterwards
  • Happy to socialise with wedding guest as they chaperone the dogs around the venues and let guest take pet selfies
  • Have a reliable mobile phone and internet access
  • Use our online booking and scheduling system to manage your diary and  update clients and TPC staff when you complete your bookings

Day in the life of a Wedding Day Dog Chaperone

  • Organise a pre wedding meet and greet and VIP consultation at one of the couples home, between 6 - 16 months in advance of the wedding day. 
  • Liaise with Wedding couples to advise, plan and organise their VIP's wedding day itinerary
  • Collect the VIP's on the wedding day and take them to the groomers, wedding venues and then drop them back off to their carers afterwards.
  • Drive them to the local park for playtime, exercise, sniffing time and a few treats before, during and after the wedding duties
  • Prepare your VIP's to look their very best before their wedding duties, and chaperone them at the various wedding venues and help them carry out  their wedding day duties
  • Drop the dogs back, check them over and towel down if wet
  • Give the dogs some fresh water and leave a nice note for the owner

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