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Hate Kennels? Try Dog Boarding Near Me✓

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Safe, Secure, Private, Fun  dog boarding  in our Trusted Dog Sitters loving homes (view video) where your dog can roam freely. A fantastic alternative to dog kennels; ideal if you want  your dog to have their own special doggy vacation.  Peace of mind for you. Pampering for your dog.

Too Busy? Book Our Dog Walkers Near Me✓

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We offer a pop-in dog walking service throughout the day. Your dog will be walked in a safe open local space by our dog walker and will return home, happy & tired. We also provide text photo updates, top-up water, treats,  a towel-dry (if wet) and we settle your dog/s back-in.

Need Some Cover? Book Pet Sitting Near Me✓

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If you're at work all day or away for a night, one of our pet sitters  and dog walkers  can pop-in to your home to care for your dog, cat, rabbit, hamster,  or any other variety of small animal as well as turn out and bring in the livestock and  fed, water, clean and make them comfortable 

Busy Schedule? Try Dog Day Care Near Me✓

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Dog Day Care is a place for you to drop off your dog to spend the day with a Trusted Dog Sitter at their home, where your dog can play, exercise & relax in the care of a loving home. Whilst you're at work, your dog can enjoy; walks, cuddles, naps, playtime and plenty of attention.

Prefer We Come to You? Try House Sitting Near Me✓

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Let a Trusted Pet Carer stay at your home to look after  your house & your dog, cat and other pets.  Ideal if you have a number of dogs, cats or animals to be cared for. Your dogs  and pets will enjoy the familiar comforts of their own homes, keeping to their regular routines. 

A eXtra Pair of Hands - Puppy Sitting eXtra

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Trusted Pet Carers can help by providing daily home puppy visits to help give eXtra time and take care of your puppy without the worry of leaving them alone all day. We will visit your puppy at times agreed with you and provide updates after each visit. 

Go to Work, Pop Out, or Travel with Total Peace of Mind

Trusted✓ & Licensed

Pet sitter, dog sitter and trusted pet carer

Our Trusted Pet Sitters are carefully vetted, DBS checked and trained in dog and cat  first aid and animal welfare and where applicable licensed. We have professional Pet and Dog Sitters across Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Oxford, so we're never far away.

Comprehensively Insured✓

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All our Trusted Pet Sitters are fully insured and covered for Public Liability, Care Custody and Control (legal liability to dogs, cats and animals in our care) and non-negligent cover (accidental injury to dogs, cats and animals in our care).

Why Choose a PIF Member✓

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PIF provides a quality assurance for businesses in the pet care sector. All members sign-up to our ten-point Membership Charter when they join, and agree to work to a code of conduct which, sets out what you (as a pet owner and customer) can expect from Trusted Pet Carers.


Liesl's kind words

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"Thank you so much for Murphy and Skye’s wonderful dog boarding stay with you while we were away on holiday.   I loved the regular pictures you sent of their lengthy walks, the fun they...."

Janet's feedback

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"Our pet sitters near me,  do a wonderful dog boarding job and really care for the dogs in a lovely family home who treat them as one of their own, could not come more highly recommended....

Kate's thoughts

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"Trusted Pet Carers  have been the best find ever!  We had always struggled to find a suitable dog sitter & dog walker for our two golden retrievers due to their large size and behavioural needs. 

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Reliable Pet Sitting & Dog Boarding Near Me✓

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TPC is dedicated to giving you and your dogs, cats and small pets the best possible dog boarding, pet sitting and dog walking service. We're not to be confused with directory sites of un-audited dog and pet sitters.

Affordable Pet Sitting & Dog Boarding Near Me✓ - Rates

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Online pet and dog sitting directories and dog kennels may provide you cheap pet and dog sitting care, but not all pet care provides the important safety, then the attention and affection that’s needed.

Tell us about you and your pet(s)

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Say something interesting about your business here. We know It can be stressful leaving your pet. If you have any questions or concerns about how we make your pet's dog boarding home away from home , please reach out. We will get back to you soon! 

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