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26th October 2019

Hi Gang, Hope you are having a wonderful time in Switzerland. (very jealous, I have made sure the wife knows!!) Its been/is raining cats and dogs here, so hopefully you are having better weather than us.  Wlibur has been a love, but looks more brown than white at the moment.  The girls are currently trying to give him a wash in their bathroom, as I have banished him from the lounge until further notice.. They want  to watch a afternoon movie and cuddle up with Wilbur  in front of the fire, so they have taken on the big wash!!!  I suspect Wilbur will appear clean and smelling of roses and instead of a stinky Wilbur I will have two stinky, kids covered in mud.  Some more photos and a few  digital art work pieces for you to enjoy. In one of them you may be able to see the colour that Wilbur was starting to turn into!!

Enjoy, Cheers for now N

VIP 13th September update

Wilbur has been brilliant as usual and had a great week with his two friends and his old flame Ellie.  Had some lovely walks and he has enjoyed finding his sticks!! He has been very playful and great fun.  A few more photos for you to enjoy.  Hope you have had a good holiday so far.  Looking nice and warm here for the weekend.  Cheers for now N

VIP 11th September update

Wilbur has enjoyed having his girlfriend Ellie and  loves resting his head on her and laying together.  He also has a lovely young Spaniel called Teasle for company as well.  He's been his normal playful self, and has made the most the various tennis balls round the garden.  We have all enjoyed some lovely sunny  walks and sunsets this weekend.    Hope you enjoy the new photos and have had a great week,  All the best N


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