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VIP 2nd October  update

Hope you are having a lovely holiday. 

Wilbur and Rosie have firmly become one of families favourite pair of dogs, which is some going, as we have some fantastic dogs stay with us.    My girls just love Wilbur as he is such a big softie, but does not know his own strength. Rosie is also very loving.  Wilbur and Rosie have both been in great form and love playing in the garden together.  Poor Rosie has taken some big hits from Wilbur as he rumps around the garden, but she also gives as good as she gets. Rosie has also taken over the sofa with Wilbur trying it on as well. Hope you enjoy the new photo's.  My daughter Holly has been applying her creative and design skills to some of the photo's.  Weather has been awful here, so don't rush home!! Cheers for now Norman

VIP 27th September update

It's been very wet, with heavy downpours here most of the week, so you picked a great time to go on holiday. The kids are all well behaved and in good form and settled in to the Campbell household way of life.   My daughters just love the pair of them, and they both get lots of cuddles from them every evening, when they come home from school.  Rosie has found the stream and loves running up and down it at the speed of light!!  A few more photo's for you to enjoy. Unfortunately you have to scroll down to the bottom to see the latests photo's. Next update will be Tuesday next week

Hope you have had a lovely warm hot sunny week.  Very jealous.  Cheers for now Norman

VIP 24th September  update

Hi Natalie, and Dave,  hope you had a good trip out and are now enjoying the sunshine, which is more than we are now!.Its wet and horrible here you will be glad to know. 

Just a quick update to let you know Wilbur & Rosie have settled in really well.   They both have had lots of cuddles already from the kids.   They love running round the garden together and have been very well behaved. 

 Hope you like their Wall of Fame.  We will add photo's/updates to their Wall twice a week  and all you need to do is click on the link I sent in your mobile text to get the latest updates. You have to scroll down to the bottom each time to see the latest photo's  as that's the way the system works!!  We may also add in some extra images to highlight seasonal dog related issues and some doggy related charities in case you're wondering why there are non-related pictures mixed in with Wilbur's and Rosie's photo's  Hope you have a lovely time.  Hope you have a great week and will update again at the weekend. 

 Cheers for now Norman


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