“Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong.” 

Welcome To Your VIP's Holiday News

27th August VIP update

Hi Steve, Just to let you know the kids are all well and we have all been enjoying the wonderful sunny hot weather over the last week, with a very rare sizzling hot Bnk Holiday weekend. .  They have enjoyed lots of walks down the local lanes and byways and lying around the garden in the shade  under the trees  with the my kids on the picnic blanket or lying on our cool kitchen titled floor.  Hope you are having a lovely holiday and you should be coming back to a warm weekend as well.  Cheers for now N

11th July VIP update

Hope you are having lovely time in Austria.  Just to let you know the kids are all well and they settled in straight away.  I have a sore arm from throwing balls for Dottie, trying to  wear her out and failed completely. Weather here has been lovely and we have lots of nice walks. The kids have been spoiling the spaniels and as usual we are all enjoying their stay with us. A few new photo's for you to enjoy Cheers for now. N

13th April VIP update

Just a couple more phots for you to enjoy. Maisie's eyes are all good and they have all been well behaved. We have had some lovely spring sunshine weather this week, along with some lovely walks.  Cheers for now N.

9th April VIP update

Glad you have all arrived safely and loved the photo's.  A photo says a thousands words!!  We had a client needing emergency day cover today, so we had a full house of spaniels for a day.  Seven  lovely Spaniels in total!! Everybody got on well and no quarrels!  Very wet today, but a few extra photos for you to see. Maisie is in good form, her eyes are all good  and I am sure she can hear something some how!

Cheers for now, Norm

Hi Steve hope you have all arrived safely and without any delays! Just to let you know the kids have settled in straight away and made themselves at home as usual.  Bailey loves posing for photo's as usual. Hope you like the new news/photo format we are trialing out.  From now on we will add news/photo's to The Spaniels Wall of Fame every 3/4 days and all you will need to do, is click on the link I sent you by text on your mobile to see the latest updates.  Have a look around the web site when you get back home and dont forget to  check out the "Join us" on the main menu.  Let me know what you think and hope you have a wonderful holiday.  God Bless Norm