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VIP 13th September 2019 update

Just to let you know Teasle is all good and well and we have had a lovey week with her and she has made a best friend with Ellie the GR and they just love playing together along with Wilbur the other GR who try to  join in and chase them round the garden but he can't keep up!!  Some new photo's for you to enjoy and hope you are having a lovey time. We are looking forward to a sunny a warm weekend and blue skies, so may take the dogs down to the beach tomorrow!!  Hope you enjoy the new photos.  I hope to update middle of next week again. Enjoy your weekend, Cheers for now N

VIP 9th September 2019 update

Teasle has settled in straight away and and gets on really well with the two Golden Retrievers, Ellie and Wilbur who are both very laid back and beautiful dogs as well.  We had a couple of lovely sunny walks, but not as warm as its has been.  Hope you have safely arrived in Greece and had a few sundowners already!!!  I have updated a few new photos for you to enjoy and will update at the end of the week again. Let me know if you want me to take down any of the old photo's so so dont have to keep scrolling down.  Cheers for now N

VIP 11th June 2019 update

Hi Alison, Hope you are having a fantastic time.  I managed to smash my phone last week so do not have many new photos!  More importantly Teasle is all good and has been her lovely sweet self and we have had some lovely wet and windy walks and she has also had a few training runs out with the girls.  Weather has not been great here!! New phone arrived today, so will have some more photos next time.

VIP 1st June 2019 update

Hi Alison, I hope you had a good journey out and have now arrived safely on the first part of your trip. Just to let you know  Teasle made herself straight at home. She had a great time playing with Willow the black lab in the garden , and with Holly my youngest daughter after you left her.  We have also had a couple of lovely walks and runs with the wife and my girls on their couch to 5K training runs.  I have updated the photo's with some new shots, mostley courtesy of my youngest daughter Holly. I will update again middle of next week.Hope you have a great time.  Cheers and God Bless Norm

VIP  22nd  May update

Hi Alison Hope you had a great time at the Chelsea Flow show. Teasle settled straight away  and already made herself at home on my lap as I worked at my desk.  The kids have been giving her lots of attention and she has had a couple of doggy play mates to run around the garden with. 

 I have only added a few photo's but I hope you like the new news/photo format.  From now on we will add news updates and photo's to Teasle's Wall of Fame and all you need to do is click on the link, I sent you in your mobile text  each time to get the latest updates. You will need to scroll down to the bottom each time to see the latest photo's  as that's the way the system works!!   

You will also find a few other images mixed in with Teasle's such as  doggy charity messages that we may highlight and seasonal reminders of dogs in hot cars etc..Hope you had a lovely time.  God Bless Norm


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