“Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong.” 

Your VIP's Holiday Dog Boarding News

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VIP 13th September

Some more lovely photos for you to enjoy off Ellie.  We have had some lovely walks these last few days and the weather here, is lovely at present, blue skys and sunny, so you should come back to nice weather!! Hope you have had a great holiday and the time seems to have flown by again.  Let me know what time you want to pick Ellie up on Friday and if it would be easier for you to pick her up from our office in Basingstoke as Naomi can take her into the office with her on Friday.  Cheers for now N

VIP 13th September

Ellie is find and we have all enjoyed her company.  She's really enjoyed her time with Teasle the spaniel and they have both really enjoyed playing together all week, and also with Wilbur.  We have had lost of lovely walks. A few more photo's for you to enjoy, and will update middle of next week.  Hope you are having a super time.  Cheers for now N

VIP 9th September

Glad you have arrived safely. As usual Ellie settled in straight away and along with Wilbur and Teasle a young Spaniel, have enjoyed a few lovely sunny walks down the lanes and across the fields.  Its been sunny here but not particularly warm! Autumn is differently on the way.

It's lovely having her back to stay and she has had lots of cuddles and TLC.  Both Ellie and Wilbur make a lovely old couple together. Arguments have already broken out in the family about who's bedroom she will sleep in, so we have had to agree a rota!!!  Sad but true. A few more phots for you to enjoy as usual. Next update will be end of the week,  Hope you are having a great  holiday. Let me know if you want me to remove a load of the earlier photos from her wall of fame, so you don't have to keep scrolling down.. Cheers for now Norm

VIP 11th April

The last few photo's for you to enjoy.  

Safe travels, CU early afternoon

VIP 9th April Update

I have to start with some very sad news! Floppy our 9 year old giant rabbit and Ellies best friend has passed away at the weekend.  We had to put her down unfortunately. I think Ellie knew Floppy was not well long before we did, as Ellie was not going to her hutch and instead going to the chickens which, was very unusual.  The weather has  been wet, and cold, as you will see Ellie is looking a little wet in some of the photo's.  Ellie is fine, but we have noticed a growth on her gum at the back of her mouth, which may well be worth checking out if you are not aware of it when you get back. Apart from that she's her normal charming self.  Hope you are having a great  holiday. Cheers Norm

VIP 5th April Update

Weather is still pretty cold and wet in old Blighty.  Ellie has a new boyfriend another 10 year old Golden retriver called Wilbur.  She has been playing with both Willow the black lab and Wilbur as if she was a young pup again.  It's lovely to watch them play together. Some really nice photo's of Ellie further down the page taken by Holly my youngest daughter. Unfortunately all the new photo's  automatically go down the bottom of the page!! Ta for now.

Glad to know you are having a fantastic time.  Ellie is well and enjoyed her birthday and got lots of extra cuddles and TLC if that's even possible as she gets so many anyway!   Its wet and cold here you will be glad to know. Hope you like the new photo format we are trialing out, even through the URL is a bit long.  From now on we will add photo's to Ellie's Wall of Fame and all you need to do is click on the link to get the latest updates, hopefully!!  God Bless Norm