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VIP 29th September update

It's been lovely to have Bonnie stay  and we have missed her greatly, so we have really enjoyed her this weekend.  We have been out for a few very wet walks and my youngest daughter has been applying her creative photo design skills to Bonnies photo's most of the weekend for you to enjoy.  Hope you like them. Cheers for now Norman

VIP 15th April update

Where has the time gone to! It does not feel like a week since you dropped Bonnie off to us.  She has been her normal wonderful self and we have really enjoyed having her stay, but we would love to have her harness next time, as she can be a handful on lead without it!  We have had some lovely walks with her this week, as the weather has been spring like over here this past week. A few last photo's for you to enjoy.  I hope you have had a lovely holiday and enjoyed all the photo's and will see you at 9:00 am Tuesday morning.  Cheers Norm

VIP 13th April update

Hope you are enjoying lovely weather like we are this week.  Its been beaufitil spring weather most of this week. Bonnie is in good form and has been enjoying her new play mate who arrived on Thursday called Lilka a 14 month old GR, who just loves to play and roll around all day with Bonnie as well as run up and down the stream with her!!  Not sure you will get a white Bonnie back, could be dirty grey by the the time the weeks over!!! I have uploaded a few extra photo's for you to enjoy.  All the best for now Norm

Hi Sandra,  Bonnie has settled straight in as usual.  Bonnie has got lots of cuddles and TLC from Holly my youngest daughter, as Bonnie is her favourite dog out off all the dogs that come to stay!   She has another GR called Ellie as a play mate up to Thursday, which she has stayed with before. Hope you like the new news/photo format we are trialing out.  From now on we will add photo's to Bonnie's Wall of Fame and all you need to do is click on the link I sent you in your mobile text each time to get the latest updates, hopefully!!  You will need to scroll down to the bottom each time to see the latest photo's  as that's the way the system works!! II will try to update every 3/4 days, so keep checking.  Hope you have a great holiday.  God Bless Norm